6 Cheap Activities in Syracuse

Green Lakes is a great place at this time of year for free for a walk around. They have two lakes, one larger in the main area and one smaller that is less crowded. They also have hiking trails that are less populated with people but are not around the lakes. They do have a beach and a playground for kids. They also have small boats to take around the lake and great places for fishing. They also have pavilions and a place for gatherings to rent out if you have a large party that wanted to go. It’s a great place to get an exercise outdoors or just to relax. If you go in the morning, it is a lot quieter than going in the afternoon and can be very peaceful.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo has general pricing as eight for adults and four for youth. This is something fun to bring your children to but also a great place to learn something new. As you walk around the zoo, there are tons of little facts about the animals you see there. Not only does it make you get up and get those 10,000 steps in a day that you should but it’s good for the mind to keep learning something new.

Onondaga Lake Park is a great place to get outside and exercise. You can walk, rollerblade, run, or bike around there. They have mile markers to keep track of how far you have gone and maps around the lake. They have activities throughout the year going on there such as fun runs and antique shows that are also inexpensive and a great way to spend time during summer.

Clark’s Reservation is a less populated place to go on a hike. There are multiple trails to take, all marked in different colors with levels of difficulty. You will be able to choose the pace you want to go at, how far and how long. Lots of people bring their dogs to walk around with as it is a pet friendly place. There is a small playground there and lots of picnic tables and grills for an afternoon cookout.

Downtown Festivals tend to get very crowded but it is full of different cultures. There are countless ones during the summer season to go to. This is free to walk around but of course all the food or items cost money. The atmosphere of being there is well worth it. During all of the cultural festivals they have authentic music and dancers to experience the country’s history. There are other activities such as the art feast and the Taste of Syracuse to go to as well.

Farmers Markets are such amazing places to visit. Buying local really helps support the community and small businesses around the area. These places are filled with fresh vegetables, flowers, baked goods, tea and wine. There are so many different things to see each time you go as the season changes. There is a regional market downtown that is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. There is also one in Cazenovia open on Saturdays and one in Fayetteville open on Thursdays. There are much more and all you have to do is look for one around you. It can be a great start to the day and the samples are pretty nice too.

- By Ally Lowery, Dreissig Apparel Inc.


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