Athleisure Trends for Fall/Winter 2020

This season in the Fall/Winter 2020 there will be many upcoming trends like multitask activewear, sustainable style, animal prints, the 90s and so much more.

A consumer today wants to be comfortable all the time.  Now a consumer wants to be able to wear their clothes everywhere and not have to change, while they're doing daily tasks. 

A new trend that is coming in Fall/Winter 2020 is Multitask activewear.

In athleisure wear is between traditional gym gear and casual wear. Today consumers expect their activewear to be ready for anything to take them through leisure fitness and everything in between. Some clothing that would be in this trend is reversible jackets so if something spilled or got sweaty from their workout they can just reverse it and go on with their day. Another good piece of clothing would be leggings because they are comfortable and they can wear them everywhere. This trend will help people who are always on the go!

The next trend is sustainability; being sustainable has been important to a consumer for years; this trend will never go out of style.

Consumers today want to know where and how their clothes are made. Many brands have made great headway in answering their consumer needs.

In athleisure wear, they say green is truly the new black.

One fabric is organic cotton that helps the environment; another thing that some companies are doing is using fruit fibers to help make their fabric.

The next trend is exotic animal prints are coming back!

For a bolder look, get in touch with your wild side by going out in a matching printed combo. This is going to bring a little something to the customer’s workout outfits. Some fun prints to wear are cheetah, zebra, tiger, and snake prints.

Another trend that is coming back is the 1990s. The 90s are being felt across the fashion world and are particularly strong with athleisure trends.

Whether its neon colors, oversized logos, midriffs to leotards, and oversized jumpers. This is amazing that this trend is coming back because 90s fashion is huge inspiration for athleisure wear today.

The last trend is elevated athleisure.

To rock this trend, pay attention to proportions; that means paring baggy sweatpants with a fitted crop tops and oversized sweatshirts with biker shorts.

All of these trends would be great for fall, because of the weather; sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s warm. These trends would stand out in fall because with the unique summer everyone had it brings a little cheer to see people doing new trends and being comfy at the same time. Being comfortable is important to consumers today; and all of these trends hit the mark of comfort.

- By Kelsey Lastowicka, Dreissig Apparel Inc. Fashion Merchandising Intern


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