Dorm Room Workouts

Are you trying to stay in shape at school? Is the school gym just too far away or too intimidating? A lot of students feel like that! Luckily there are some pretty easy workouts you can do in your dorm room to keep in shape.

Squats Are Your Best Friend

If you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and sit your hips until your legs are at a right angle, you can increase the strength and tone your calves, thighs, and butt! Remember to keep your chest up, bending it forward doesn’t help you and makes the workout less difficult. If you cheat a workout you only cheat yourself out of results! Squats are pretty standards so doing 10 reps is a good starting point. As they become easier for you, you can increase the reps.

“Bulgarian Split Squats”

You don’t have to study abroad to find something foreign! Bad joke, but this exercise is good for lower body just like the last one. It’s more of a lunge position, but the back leg sits up on the seat of a chair. Make sure the chair won’t move on you when you’re doing this because a twisted ankle is no fun especially in a dorm with only stairs. So, you’re in a lunge position with your back leg raised. Now, you just have to squat like you did before, making sure your leg gets to that right angle. Do 10 reps per leg and again increase reps as they become easier.

Walk the Plank! Well Not Really

No matter what source you find, who you ask, what trainer you use, they will all tell you that planks are an essential core exercise. Planks don’t take up any room and are great for the little space you have in a dorm. It’s basically a push up position but you rest on your forearms. If you can, keeping your body as flat as a board is ideal. Having your butt in the air makes the exercise easier than it should be. Hold like this for 30 seconds. It’s okay to take breaks, planks aren’t exactly easy.

Actually Use Your Desk

Regular push-ups can become tedious. Try using your desk! Again, for this one make sure it won’t move on you and you fall. On the edge of the desk, set your hands up a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Your chest should stay in-line with the desk. Like a regular push-up, lower yourself down slowly, bending at the elbows until your about “six inches from the desk”, push back up. Rinse and repeat! 10 reps is all you need.

Textbooks Are For More than Just Reading

Alla Byrne wrote in a Shape article about an exercise that I think is amazing and wish I had thought of! She says to lay on the floor with your knees bent and feet firmly planted. Take your heaviest course book and hoist it above your head. To work your abs, lift your upper half up until your shoulder blades no longer touch the floor. Hold that position for about two seconds and release. Reps of 15 for this exercise are best, you have to have one thing that’s a little bit harder!

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Remember, you’re in school and all of that comes first. These are just some easy workouts that you can do if you’re ever bored in your room. Homework comes before your workouts ever will. Now, go get that degree and tone that butt!


 - By Hannah Winnewisser, Dreissig Apparel Inc. Marketing Intern

 *Hannah is not an expert, these are just suggestions and tips*


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