Fighting Off The Winter Blues

It’s that time again, winter has come, and the days are long and dark. It’s hard to keep a motivated attitude, because by the time you’re out of the office it’s already dark. We are here to help – the team at Dreissig has come up with some suggestions below to help beat the blues!

Help fight “winter depression” this year and stay motivated with these tips:

  1. Get outside! An increase in sunlight and fresh air will help boost your mood and get you active.

  2. Don’t oversleep – Yes – it’s 7 am and still dark out, but this does not mean you should hit snooze and stay in bed! Oversleeping can lead to fatigue, drowsiness, and being lethargic: all symptoms we are trying to avoid.

  3. Listen to upbeat music! Music is a great way to wash those blues away, music is a great way to boost your energy an ultimately fight off feeling lousy from the weather.

  4. Be active, even if you’re unable to get outside for exercise. Just walking for 30 minutes helps improve your heart rate! Try exercising in areas that are very bright; researchers have found that exercise in well lit areas can improve general health, social functioning, and depressive symptoms.

  5. Eat healthier. A more healthy diet should provide you with more energy to attack your day. Junk food has been proven to cause depression – put the bag of chips down and replace them with some carrots! We're not saying you should completely cut out the foods you love. Remember: moderation is key!

These are just some of the many ways you can avoid the winter blues. It’s important to fight the winter blues in order to stay efficient and as happy as possible. While following the 5 tips listed may not be easy, they will help fight the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD for short). We would like to stress, however, that these tips are just suggestions, as we are not experts.

Here at Dreissig we hope this blog helps you – we’d love to hear how you fight the winter blues. Tag us or comment with your ideas at @dreissigathletic. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Together, we can get through this. Have no fear, spring will be here!

  - By Matt Comanzo, Dreissig Apparel Inc.



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