Gym Looks for Beginners

For many of us fresh on the path of our fitness journeys, we don’t always know what to wear to the gym. Should arm day’s outfit be the same as leg days? What about cardio? Yoga? Going to the gym often requires a whole new wardrobe. When purchasing that new gym ensemble it’s important to know what to wear.

What You Need:

  1. An Athletic Shirt:
    Something that accentuates your body, is form fitting, stretchy, and isn’t made from 100% cotton. Cotton shirts absorb more moisture and sweat than a shirt with a lycra blend shirt and tend to offer less freedom of mobility. Generally, you’re going to want to look for something with a polyester and lycra blend. A good selection of performance shirts are available at our store for both men and women.

  2. Running Shorts:
    You’re going to want something cut above the knee and that’s less baggy than a standard pair of mesh shorts, which are acceptable for anything except running; in which case, get running shorts.

  3. A Pair of Joggers or Fitted Sweatpants:
    These are perfect for winter training sessions when you won’t want to be caught outside in shorts. Also, they’re perfect for a casual athleisure look. Get yourself a stylish pair from Dreissig Apparel, available in a matching his and hers camo set.

  4. Compression Clothing:
    When looking for a compression garment, it’s important to find one that isn’t so tight that it restricts your movement. Aim for something with a four way stretch. The compression and stretch of the garment supports your joints and muscles, reduces tissue swelling, and is designed to allow movement. Get this trendy pair of Dreissig women’s athletic leggings here!

  5. A New Pair of Sneakers:
    A worn out pair of shoes won’t support your feet properly or provide the proper level of comfort. You want to make sure the sole of your shoes has some tread to provide traction during your workouts.

 The Takeaway:

This is just a standard list of the basic necessities for your new fitness journey and you may need more gear as you prioritize different workout routines such as weight lifting, cardio, core workouts, or yoga. Please note these are all just casual suggestions as I am by no means an expert.


By Mitchell McCullough, Dreissig Apparel, Inc. Intern




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