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Benefits of Being a Yogi

  Are you a yogi? Or do you have no idea what a yogi is? A yogi is someone who is proficient in yoga. It doesn't take much to become familiar with yoga. Anyone can do yoga, it all starts with you! Yoga is a series of poses that stretch your body in all different forms from various poses that you perform. No matter how to conduct your yoga session, it should always include breathing exercises, meditation, and stretching and/or flexing your muscles.  It benefits your physical body AND your mind. Physical benefits include: Lowers blood pressure Reduces insomnia Increases your flexibility and muscle tone and strength   Improves energy level Maintains metabolism and improves cardio/circulatory health   Decreases risk...

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Spring into Summer

Is everyone loving the recent warm weather? Most of us want to live in a world that is sunny every day, however, here in Upstate New York, we have it rough. We have weeks that it will be snowing, sunny and 70, and/or raining! As we are inching toward the middle of May, our nice days have been steadily increasing. Are you someone that walks every day when the weather is finally nice enough to be outside? Walking is just as beneficial as running or doing other strenuous cardio exercises. Walking is considered as a lower impact exercise that shares similar benefits with running. It calms your heart rate, reduces cholesterol, body fat and body weight. Other benefits include: Boost...

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Is Exercising In A Gym Or Outdside Better?

There are many different responses to the question of whether it is better to workout inside or outside. Everyone is different when it comes to working out so the answer varies by person. However, there are positives and negatives to each experience. The first and most basic positive attribute of working out outdoors is the terrain differences. The body works more muscles with the changes in the landscape. With just the adjustment of a small hill, that increases the amount of muscles being worked out. The decline of a hill works parts of the body that you can’t workout while on a treadmill. This makes for a more difficult workout, which will burn more calories than being on a treadmill...

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