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Where to Find Good At-Home Workouts

Have you ever made plans to go to the gym, but you never went because you didn’t want to go, you got distracted doing something, your Netflix show got too good to leave, or you didn’t want to go alone? You're not alone. There is a solution! There are other options than just going to the gym. You can work out for home! There are so many platforms that have workout classes, or if you own a workout machine; there are many workouts that are possible for you to do on that machine. With technology evolving many platforms have home workouts; either with no equipment or with equipment. One platform that you can find great workouts is on YouTube. Many channels...

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How to Stay Productive While Quarantined at Home

During this current global pandemic, most of the country's workforce has either been laid off from work, or advised to work from home. While this can be a drastic change in routine for many people, there are ways to make the most of your time. Below are tips on how to make the most of your time at home: Keep a daily routine In an article published on, the author, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, recommends "setting your hours." Basically, if you treat your days and nights as if you have normal work hours during the day, and you are preparing for work the next morning, you will be more likely to stick to daily tasks. For example, if your normal work...

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