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6 Cheap Activities in Syracuse

Green Lakes is a great place at this time of year for free for a walk around. They have two lakes, one larger in the main area and one smaller that is less crowded. They also have hiking trails that are less populated with people but are not around the lakes. They do have a beach and a playground for kids. They also have small boats to take around the lake and great places for fishing. They also have pavilions and a place for gatherings to rent out if you have a large party that wanted to go. It’s a great place to get an exercise outdoors or just to relax. If you go in the morning, it is a...

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The Power of Workout Classes

Now, it’s great to go to the gym and workout on your own, but there’s nothing like taking a workout class. There are a variety of classes that anyone can take. Depending on your gym, there could be a yoga class, groove or Zumba, weight lifting, kickboxing, Core, etc. These classes are for anyone, any age, and any build.

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