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Gym Blues

  Do you find yourself skipping out on your workouts lately? During the summer we tend to fill up all of our spare time on leisure activities. Family cookouts, water parks, lake days, traveling, and more! As a result of all of the fun and games our daily routines can become disorganized. There are plenty of alternatives that you can follow to keep your healthy lifestyles on track, without taking time to go to the gym. Don’t think about needing more time, start making your work outs part of your days’ work. Little adjustments throughout the day can add up to help you feel great and still keep your busy summer schedules. You can do things such as: Exercise at...

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 How much water do you drink in one day? ...a glass here and there? Are you one of those people that feel like water just doesn't get you through the day? Maybe a soda or energy drink is what always finds a place on your desk. Listen. Things need to change! Water should be your #1 choice of a beverage throughout the day. Water is a topic of interest because it is so important for the health of our bodies. It takes up about two-thirds of our bodies! The benefits of drinking water are endless. Some of them include: It boosts your metabolism. Makes you feel less tired because drinking water gives you more energy. Water ensures your digestions is...

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