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Trade Cardio for PiYo

Does cardio do more damage than good for you? Is it a pain in the neck to get through? Does cardio leave you more exhausted than it should? Try PiYo! PiYo is a blend of Pilates and yoga, and it could be one of the best ways to tone your body. “Erin Scott, a PiYo Instructor and Master Trainer with Beachbody LIVE, adds that […] ‘Consistent practice in PiYo increases core strength, overall strength, stability, and flexibility,’” which are everyday needs. It is described as adding the “muscle sculpting of Pilates”, with the “flexibility of yoga”, and a consistent fluid movement between positions. What Do I Do? Every exercise needs a warm up, something to get your muscles ready for the stress you’re about to put them...

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Benefits of Being a Yogi

  Are you a yogi? Or do you have no idea what a yogi is? A yogi is someone who is proficient in yoga. It doesn't take much to become familiar with yoga. Anyone can do yoga, it all starts with you! Yoga is a series of poses that stretch your body in all different forms from various poses that you perform. No matter how to conduct your yoga session, it should always include breathing exercises, meditation, and stretching and/or flexing your muscles.  It benefits your physical body AND your mind. Physical benefits include: Lowers blood pressure Reduces insomnia Increases your flexibility and muscle tone and strength   Improves energy level Maintains metabolism and improves cardio/circulatory health   Decreases risk...

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