About Us

What is Dreissig Athletic?

Dreissig Athletic was founded as part of the Dreissig Apparel Inc. family to design and distribute our own brand of exciting athleisure apparel. Dreissig Athletic's overall objective is to position our athleisure gear as the leader in the market in style, price, and quality. Here at Dreissig, we believe we have three main factors that will contribute to our success: product, promotion, and personality.

As a former Running Back for the University of Tennessee and the German Football League (G.F.L.), CEO of Dreissig Apparel Inc, Marc Jones puts it best: the Dreissig Athletic style is "traditional with a twist".  Whether you're rocking your Dreissig gear while working out at the gym or out and about with friends, we guarantee you'll stay fashionable and functional. After all, success for Dreissig Athletic is people proudly wearing our products.

Now get out there and "Gear Up with the Real Deal!"